The Syntact Project

Exploring the Synapses that Form Our World

  • Podcast: Automating with Robots Ethan Swan and Fernando Garcia

    Ethan and Fernando discuss what tasks should be automated with robots, whatever exactly that entails. They discuss the practicality of a Roomba with spinning blades and accidentally reinvent the Lazy Susan.

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  • Sharks and the Knowledge Problem Matt Boomer

    This week is Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” known in the halls of that network as “The Week That Gets us Paid,” and in my house as “The Week I Think About Getting Cable.” Since the suits at Discovery first experimented with airing a week of shark-centric programming in 1988, Shark Week has become a cultural phenomenon. What began as a humble exercise in edu-tainment now imperiously cruises the summer TV waters like the Megalodon of old, leaving the competition trembling in its wake.

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  • Podcast: Article Review: The Science of Inequality Andrew Petrisin, Ethan Swan, and Fernando Garcia

    Andrew makes a repeat…. occurrence? He, Ethan, and Fernando review Scientific American’s “Science of Inequality” article series.

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  • Podcast: Quick Hits, February 2019 Ethan Swan, Fernando Garcia, and Matt Gillham

    Ethan, Fernando, and Matt record another aimless episode of Quick Hits.

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  • Gross National Happiness: A Better Metric? Ethan Swan

    GDP. Politicians and academics – maybe even you – use it as a proxy for the health of a nation. When it increases, journalists reassure readers and viewers that their country is doing fine. If it falls, leaders promise to turn things around. GDP growth has become synonymous with national success.

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  • Podcast: Statistically Speaking Ethan Swan, Fernando Garcia, and Phil Anderson

    Ethan, Fernando, and Phil cover the two major statistical frameworks: Bayesianism and Frequentism.

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