The Project

The Syntact Project was born from the belief that a nuanced understanding of the world is valuable, and ultimately, enjoyable. In an era of 280 characters and reactionary hot takes, we aim to be a medium that encourages dialogue around trends, patterns, and the sort of pensiveness that can be hard to find in a landscape inundated with media.

Remember how your eyes lit up the last time you talked about your favorite college class? A personal project you got lost in? We want to be a community that fosters that kind of excitement – the sort you get when you explore something worth exploring.

We hope this project encourages you to think deeply about the world we inhabit together. Have some thoughts you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Project.

Your Editors

Ethan Fernando Matt
Ethan Fernando Matt
Ethan is a data scientist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He spends most of his free time coding or playing pickup sports. Ethan’s primary interests are technology, economics, politics, and coffee shops – but he makes no promises of expertise in any field. Fernando studied chemical engineering, which consisted of distractedly browsing through unrelated Wikipedia pages while trying to interpret heat transfer equations. This left him ideally prepared to write about and distractedly discuss many unrelated topics while still being unable to interpret heat transfer equations. Matt is a consultant who recently moved to Medellin, Colombia, hoping to bounce back from dropping Intro to Spanish 1 after a week and a half in college. His background is in economics, so he’s competent in finding where two lines intersect, but has been known to pontificate about a host of other topics that cross his mind.


If you are interested in contributing to the Syntact Project or providing feedback to us, get in touch with us at We want to hear from you!