The Syntact Project

Exploring the Synapses that Form Our World

  • When Mistakes Are Inevitable Matt Gillham

    There’s a pretty clear cut list of states that tend to be universally known by Colombians: New York, Texas, California, etc. Alabama, where I went to school, isn’t usually high on that list, and when it is, it’s either because of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song or for a history littered with some of the worst of America’s past. Texas makes for a much better (and more accurate, in my case) state to claim; it only invokes John Wayne-esque finger pistols and questions about horses and cowboys.

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  • Podcast: Mass Transit for the Masses Ethan Swan, Fernando Garcia, and Andrew Petrisin

    Ethan, Fernando, and new guest Andrew talk about an often overlooked but surprisingly interesting topic: mass transit.

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  • The Physics and Art of Beautiful Music Fernando Garcia

    Coldplay’s classic 2000 hit “Yellow” is anchored by a 22-second guitar riff, unremarkable except perhaps in how incredibly simple it is. It contains only 5 distinct notes arranged into 8 two-note chords (a chord being a group of two or more notes played together) played in predictable pattern with no rhythmic variation. I am confident someone who has never played a guitar could learn to play it in about 5 minutes, and would not be surprised if a non-human primate can or has already been taught to play it.

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  • Podcast: Game Theory Ethan Swan, Fernando Garcia, and Matt Gillham

    Ethan, Fernando, and Matt talk bro tanks, dating apps, and a bit of game theory.

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  • Buzzer Beaters and Cognitive Bias Fernando Garcia and Ethan Swan

    Kobe, one of the great clutch shooters of all time. It's undeniable. Right?

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  • Podcast: Government Series, Part 3: Polystate Ethan Swan and Fernando Garcia

    Fernando and Ethan revive the Government Series to talk polystates and anthrostates.

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